Spiritual Truth Fellowship

The Spiritual Truth Fellowship holds to no dogma or prescribed creed, however we are clear and certain in our knowledge of the presence of Holy Spirit in our hearts and in our sanctuary. We studiously strive to deeply understand and follow the teachings of Christ Jesus...to "seek first the Kingdom of God" and "love each other as ourselves."


Join us for deep loving Spiritual Celebration

The Spiritual Truth Fellowship

was established in Love and continues through the Love, loyalty, and generosity of its members.

Thank You God!

Join Us this Sunday at 10am!

When coming to our Spiritual Center, you will find:

  • warm and welcoming people;
  • a delightful Sunday Celebration;
  • a sacred space for prayer;
  • support for you wherever you are on your spiritual path;
  • inspiring messages;
  • a Spiritual Director who listens;
  • high-quality, contemporary, high-energy music ministry;
  • children are welcomed;
  • a center that is constantly evolving, learning and transforming and you evolve, in the process.


Join Us!

We have our celebration at The Cox Building

Spiritual Truth Fellowship
Sunday Celebration Services
10am at
The Cox Building
107 North Pecan,
Nacogdoches TX 75961

Give us a call:

brings joy and health

Our Church Home

We were meeting upstairs in the historic Nelson Davis House (above) since 1999. Now we are meeting in the Cox Building

Join us for prayer, study, and discussion of the way demonstrated and taught by Christ Jesus.


Join us for deep loving Spiritual Celebration

We Recognize the
Christ in Every Face

We are an inclusive Spiritual community, welcoming you into our circle of healing love, study and discussion, music and fellowship every Sunday morning beginning at 10am.

We are a devoted community of like minded Truth students, faithful to each other and to our common purpose-- to learn to live the Truth as demonstrated by Christ Jesus.

We invite you to come as you are. We do!


Our Postal Address:

Spiritual Truth Fellowship
422 East Main #186,
Nacogdoches TX 75961